Monday, August 10, 2015

Restart the game 6th-14th of August 2015, Countryside outside Pärnu Estonia,The general idea of this Erasmus+: Youth in Action training is to bring together teachers from 8 countries that are open to widen their horizon with using more non-formal learning in their work with students. The focus of the training will be on sharing experiences and developing competencies on using GAMES in non-formal settings not only as element of fun, but as an effective learning opportunity for youth.
participants from SIQA: Nino Shukhoshvili, Tsira Tavshavadze, Ana Mikiashvili

On the project were involved 28 participants from Latvia, Russia, Turkey, Belgium, Jordan, Moldova, Georgia and Morocco.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

July 31- 12-th of August, "Folk variation under European Sky", Zgierz, Roland. Participant countries :Poland, Macedonia, Italy, Georgia and Armenia.The main purpose of the project is to turn young people on to folk culture, drive them into intergenerational interactions and develop skills: working in a group, intercultural communication and manual skills of each participants.
participants from SIQA : Mariam Kolbaia, Nino Kvizhinadze, Khatia Nozadze, Revaz Tkeshelashvili, Eka Kapanadze, Giorgi Megrelishvili, Saba Gigitashvili

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

May 19th to May 27th, the study visit “Europe of Culture”, The project gave best practices and inspirations on how to promote cultural heritage among young people. The study visit included visits to local stakeholders who promote cultural heritage among young people, discussions and group work.

 Participants from SIQA : Salome Aleksandria, Davit Samkharadze, Khatia Mchedlishvili, Mariam Patatishvili
May 27th to June 6th 2015, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, training course “Building Future”.
 1. To give youth leaders and organizations tools and methods to effectively reach, motivate, inspire young entrepreneurs to reach their full entrepreneurial potential.
2. To strengthen a pan-European network working in the field of entrepreneurial education with young people
3. To enhance the European partnership through at least five follow up educational offers aiming at fostering the entrepreneurial spirit among young people.
 Participants from SIQA :Sophiko Kurdadze, David Kubaneishvili, Tatia Evgenidze, Davit Gelutashvili.
May 23rd – June 2nd, Chisinau, Moldova, “Step Up' - Music as a method for inclusion”, The theme of the training is the integration of Urban Music in efforts to promote the
inclusion of marginalized youth in society. The methods used in the project will be non
formal, through workshops, observation and interactive discussions and activities, this way
they can both learn new methods, but also actively participate, reflect, and share knowledge
and experiences.
Participants from SIQA :  Salome Maskharashvili, Nunu Goshadze, Giorgi Gurchiani, Sophia Arabuli
  • 15-23 May, 2015 YE in Hungary, "Titanic Affairs" , participants Giorgi Tvaliashvili, Ani Tsitskishvili, Mari Gamsakhurdia, Maridea Gelashvili

Friday, April 24, 2015

Make Your Career bravely

Vilnius, Lithuania22-30 April, 2015

SIQA's team:
Tamuna Kurdadze, Nika Gabatashvili, Lika Mkerlishvili, Ketevan Jinoridze, Saba Gigitashvili, Nino Shubitidze.